Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Obtain A Concealed Carry Permit

in Washington

By Jana Kurrle

Does Washington issue Concealed Carry Permits?
> Yes, Washington is a ‘shall issue’ state, meaning the state is required to furnish a permit if you can pass a background check.
> No Training is needed to apply for your permit, but as a responsible gun owner you will want to train as much as possible. Get more training information here.

Where do you apply for your CPL?
> In an unincorporated area of a county in WA, you will go to your County Sheriffs Office. In Snohomish County, WA, where West Coast Armory North is also located, the County Sheriff’s office is located in the County Court House in Everett, WA.
> In incorporated city limits, you will go to your local police department.

What days and times do they issue CPL?
> The time varies from police departments, so call ahead to make sure of the days and time.

WHAT do I need?
> They will fingerprint you and conduct a background check.
> Call your local LE department find out what you need to bring for documentation
> It generally takes 30 days to get your license and it is good for 5 years for WA residents.

Cost for WA Residents: $50.75
Renewal: $32.0
Late Renewal: $42.00
Replacing your Lost/Stolen Concealed Pistol License: $10
Alien Firearm License: $80.75 (with fingerprints submitted electronically)
                 $90.75 (with fingerprints submitted via mail)
From: Snohomish CO Sheriff's Office fee schedule

WA State Revised Code of Washington:
Obtaining your Concealed Pistol License/Frequently Asked Questions:
Concealed Carry Information: (may not be up to date for your state)
You need to know where you can lawfully carry your concealed
Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife “Firearms Safety, The Law and You” Handbook (also available in hard copy where firearms are sold):

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